HARDUN Extra White 1L

HARDUN Extra White 1L

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1L Tin of adhesive includes 35ml hardener tube.

Suitable base colour for:
Caesarstone® Pure White 1141 \ White Attica 5143 \ Statuario Maximus 5031 \ Calacatta Nuvo 5131
Quantum Quartz ultra white \ bianco venato quartz \ venatino statuario quartz \ calacutta primo quartz
Silestone blanco zeus white zeus extreme \ white storm

Pickup is available from our local distribution center in Cheltenham, Victoria.

Ratio: 100 parts Glue – 3 parts Hardener
Hardening Time – 3 to 7 mins at 25°C

Prepare surface by cleaning and drying thoroughly. If tinting is required, add necessary colour paste BEFORE mixing with hardener. Mix hardener and glue thoroughly at a ratio of 100 parts glue to 3 parts hardener. Mixed product must be disposed in accordance to local hazmat regulations. Keep lid closed securely and store in a cool place (27°C).

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